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Find Out MSRP, Invoice Price, And The Actual Price Of Your Desired Car

By using our New Vehicle Quote Service you will find out the MSRP and Invoice Price of your desired car*.

* For some new models, MSRP or Invoice Price may not be available.

At New Car Insider, we use the method described below to estimate the Actual Price the dealer pays for a car:

A) Get the MSRP and Invoice Price of your desired car using the New Vehicle Quote Service.

B) Calculate the estimated dealer cost of the car using the below table:
(Note that these cost savings estimates only and are usually not publicized by the dealer or the manufacturer.)

Factors that drives down dealer's actual cost of car:
Dealer Holdback

About 2% to 5% of MSRP is often held back by the manufacturer of the car, and will be paid to the dealer when the dealer actually sells the car. This amount does not depend on how many cars the dealer sells.

Action: Subtract this amount from the Invoice Price.

Factory To Dealer Cash

About $300 to $2000 per car is given back to the dealer to sell slow selling cars. (If the manufacturer has not made this factory rebate known to the public, the car dealers are not required to pass along these savings.)

Action: If the dealer has over 30 cars similar to the ones you are seeking to purchase, and these cars have been sitting on the lot for over 25 days, there may be manufacturer incentives that reduce the Actual Price. Ask the dealer about his dealership's quantity of similar cars they have on the lot, and factor in this information into estimating the dealer’s Actual Price.

Carry Over Allowances

Dealers get as much as 5% back to move year-end inventory from their lots. You can usually gauge if this saving should be factored in by noting if the newer year's car models are out on the lot together with the current year's models.

Action: If this factor is true, reduce the estimate of the dealer’s Actual Price by 3-5%.

Advertising Charges

Dealers may get as much as $200-$300 from the manufacturer to use for advertising the car. Some dealers don’t take this into account when pricing the car.

Action: Some dealers have a practice of billing the car buyer for this expense even though car manufacturers pay dealers for the car advertising they incur. Prudent buyers can negotiate off this charge when reviewing the car Invoice Price.

Floor Plan Kickbacks

Car manufacturers usually give the dealers $100-$300 to offset the dealer's interest costs for keeping the car on the lot.

Action: Many times the dealer incorporates the interest charge into his price to you. Be vigilant on any extra costs which may be added to the price of your car and negotiate to offset any interest charges.

C) Upon subtracting the relevant deductions from the Invoice Price above, you would have arrived at the Actual Price of the car. Note: The price you pay for the car will always be above this price.

* For some new models, MSRP or Invoice Price may not be available.